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Human After All

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my take on some immuzikation pics

my take on some Immuzikation pics

Alright, a while ago I made a post about local Athens, GA artist Immuzikation (Alfred Lapuz)…Friday before last, he did a performance at the Georgia Theater (a Daft Punk tribute, it was super dank – I’ll talk about that later) so I wanted to know what this guy was all about. He is quickly gaining a share in the mashup market, which is something everyone seems to enjoy right now. Seldomly mixing 1 or 2 songs, he blends melodies, lyrics, and beats of 4 – 5 songs seamlessly. Some of his shit is rare to find for download…so go to his myspace to listen to more songs but, first i think here is one of his most dank mashups:

MGMT vs. Daft Punk – One More Time to Pretend (Immuzikation Blend)

the following is one that I mixed real quick based on his song “Life Alone”…gives you the general feel:

Jay Z & Postal Service – Hard Knock Life vs. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (my mashUp mix)

Lapuz is also part of hip-hop group Collective Efforts. Check out their myspace ( their music is awesome . As part of the band, Lapuz helps construct funky electronic beats that the MC’s rap over. Its good shit…Jurassic 5-ish, but more electronic and a little more chill sounding.


Immuzikation getting the party started

Anyways, Lapuz and another guy named Very Disco, who I have really not been able to find anything about, preformed a Daft Punk tribute show at the Theater. I was more excited for this show than Rosie O’Donnel is for the annual lesbian parade. Immuzikation is cool, DJ shit is f-ing awesome and I knew the show was gonna be sweet, so I tried to convince people to go, especially people who were skeptical that a Daft Punk tribute would consist of “just pressing play”…WTF? Anways, Immuzikation came on solo around 10:30 for an opening DJ set, which was sweet. He improvised a lot of popular shit and did some of his own stuff, including opener “Life Alone” (from above).

After that he and Very Disco came out for the tribute, rocking white alien/robot looking suits and white headbands with big red jewels. The setup was huge…two DJ’s various equipment up front, racks and stacks of keyboards and synth stuff, drums, etc… Honestly, I forget the first song that came on, daft-tribute-poster6but I remember thinking, “I’m really glad they chose something not super mainstream” and, “holy shit, this is awesome.” I think it was like “Da Funk” or something tight like that. They played all 40 songs from all three of Daft punk’s studio albums (Homework, Discovery, Human After All), as Lapuz put it…”in some form or another.” They mixed of lots of the songs, added their own unique spin, sang lyrics, and played instruments – peep the video below of Immuzikation shredding the digital love synth solo HERE – at one point during “Robot Rock” there were 5  people on stage playing drums, synthesizers, guitar, DJing, and singing. After it was done, everyone looked like a 6 year old who just found out there was no Santa…speachless and utterly shocked, it was a crazy show and I think everyone enjoyed it. For anyone who visits, lives in, or is pretending to go to school in Athens, Immuzikation plays frequently at Mercury Lounge, 283 Bar, Go Bar…I dont even know what some those are but he’s gonna be there. Also…later in February (the dawning of the age of aquarius and glorious month of my birth) he’s doing a Cartoon Network “Adult Swim” late night dance party at the 40 Watt after a Dark Meat concert. I’m not even 100% sure what that means but it sounds like it could be super ridiculous.


Mark Your Calendars and Get Ready to Get Daft!

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OK, remember that DJ from Athens, Immuzikation? I did a post about him earlier and he continues to have some tight stuff floating around the web. He has an amazing show coming up pretty soon at the Georgia Theater in Athens:

On Friday January 16, for the measly price of $10, Immuzikation and Very Disco (i havent been able to find out much about him) are DJing a Daft Punk tribute show…yes there is a God. Guaranteed to draw an interesting crowd, so rock your headbands and sunglasses, and make sure you have a profuse amount of glow sticks because this is going to be a rage-tastic dancing event for sure

Athens DJ Immuzikation

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mashup sensation DJ Alfred Lapuz (calls himself Immuzikation) lives and operates in Athens, GA.


i dont know many DJs claiming to be from athens (yet); it is my guess that he is one of the few, and probably the best. he has been getting really big, primarily in the blog world, but is now growing bigger than that. hes putting out some pretty tight mashups…kinda like girl talk style and he samples a lot of cool shit. he has several live performances coming up in the fall/winter in Athens (283 Bar, 40 Watt, Mercury Lounge, GA Theater, etc.) as well as a spot in Athfest this summer

heres a couple of awesome mashups/remixes to intro this guy, i will be posting more of him for sure. by the way, the first is one of SPIN magazines top 25 MGMT remixes (there are literally thousands…im thinking about doing a post dedicated to MGMT remixes/mashups)

MGMT vs. Daft Punk – One More Time to Pretend (Immuzikation blend)

Justice vs. Kanye, Daft Punk, Diplo – Fortisphere (Immuzikation blend)