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_dsc03022It has been a pretty busy beginning of school and I have not had any time to really get to post some new music. I decided to change that tonight and I am real happy I found this song today.


Diplo is my favorite producer right now. Hands down I am really into his beats, especially that he is so legit to be playing at Tribe concerts and also producing songs for Lupe Fiasco. I always wished that Wayne would get on one of his beats. Well, somehow someway, Lil Weezy, Drake, and Santogold are all on this new song called “Unstoppable”. Drake was featured earlier on this blog with his song with Wayne over the David Banner beat. Dude is from Toronto but he has such a hood flow. I am really digging the songs that him and Wayne are on together. This one over the Diplo production might be my favorite. Then Santogold is on the chorus of this song and sounds so legit.

Oh yeah also check out this Pharrell Williams and Lil Wayne song called “Yes”. Let’s just say that Weezy is unreal on here too. He does not think he has even hit his full potential as a rapper and although his rhymes are less gangster than his earlier shit, he is a lot more clever and wittier now, I kind of like that. Can’t wait to hear the next Weezy mixtape and album.

Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell Williams – Yes

Drake feat. Santogold and Lil Wayne – Unstoppable (Produced by Diplo)

download HERE from zShare


“still cooler than the other side of your pillow”

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Diplodocus - the last Dinosaur

Yo, whats up, I noticed this cool video on Diplo’s site. If you do not know who Diplo is, well…thats just real not cool and you should immediately educate yourself. The video is of him rolling aound in Georgia during this past summer, part of the time with this band, Dark Meat, from Athens, GA. The following pictures are how they describe themselves on their myspace:



"Sound Like"

"Sound Like"

Pretty much sums ’em up, looks crazy, and their kinda cool…in a weird way. Anyways, this video is footage of Diplo preforming at the 40 Watt in Athens and cruising around town. You can notice at one point he is outside an Egyptian looking temple building near the corner of Broad Street and Milledge. Some nut molested children in it a long time ago…now it is abandoned – no joke, I couldn’t even make this up if I tried. Also, it shows some of Diplo fucking around and preforming in Atlanta at Whirlyball which is a fun park type place – super cool place to play and/or party at. The music is great, and Diplo is hilarious, I think; its cool if your bored or whatever, should you wish, check it out:

Diplo + Dark Meat | 40 Watt & Whirlyball from jason miller on Vimeo.

Sound Tribe in the Dirty South

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Lewis pretty much summed up the scene.  Hands down the most ridiculous set of shows I’ve been to.  It was essentially an urban music festival.  Now to the music….it is almost impossible to describe the energy at a Sound Tribe show. After seeing three shows and spending four nights in Atlanta, I am blown away. And when I say energy, I’m talking about IT in its entirety. Energy derived from the music, the band, the lights, and the crowd resonating together through out the Tabernacle forming one insane throw-down. The 28th and 29th shows were huge build ups for what was to come on New Years Eve. The band was consistently hinting that the finale was going to be an all out party. They dropped it sooooooo hard on New Years. In the words of James Walsh, it was “murder”… a murk fest of people who didn’t stop dancing, if you will. I was blown away at their performance. Just plain crazy. It is almost as if the music grabs you, spins you around in circles, confuses you and then makes you want more all at the same time.


pnuma opener on NYE

pnuma opener on NYE

What was so awesome about the New Years Eve Shows was the music started as soon as the doors opened and continued right up to Tribe. So this is what the line up looked like…Dj Rootz and Kap10 Harris getting the party started by spinning house music, then the openers (Diplo 28th, Mike Relm 29th, Daedelus 30th, and Pnuma Trio 31st), followed by Rootz and Kap10 bringing it back until the start of the show. Then if that wasn’t enough, there was bad-ass after-party at the Masquerade (featuring various electronic artists and djs like Eliot Lipp, Pretty Lights, a Pnuma PA, Prefuse 73 and many more) starting about an hour after each show and going until around six in the AM. One more note, for those who are interested, Sound Tribe is playing three nights at the Georgia Theatre in mid-to-late March and I believe tickets are still on sale.

Rootz and Kap10 getting the party started

Rootz and Kap10 getting the party started

Here are some soundboards from the 29th and 31st shows…turn your bass up, it’ll sound awesome.

Arigato (29th)…this was a little preview of New Years

Really Wut? (NYE)

Bigs (NYE)

The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature (NYE)


I Almost Forgot

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I got really wrapped up in talking about the Tribe environment in Atlanta and forgot to post some of the stuff I originally wanted to…here are a couple of goodies I found on the vast source of music that Al Gore invented (aka. The Internet).

First is a sweet mashup of Justice’s “We Are Your Friends” and “17 Years” by Ratatat. I have some sweet remix ideas lined up for “17 Years” because I love Ratatat plus their stuff is super awesome for making remixes…P.S. check out Ratatat’s Remixes Vols. 1 & 2 – they made a bunch of tight remixes of dank rap songs with their awesome guitar/synth beats…its good stuff.

Justice vs. Ratatat – We Are Your Friends (Bearbot MashUp)

download link here

This next one is a tight remix of Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” mixed with Diplo and The Beatles. Its made by a fellow Nashvillian named Jolson. I am assuming this because he and a couple other guys do a cool blog called Nashville Nights (check it out – you can download the song from their site, just click on the title)

Kanye West vs. The Beatles & Diplo – Shake It Up and Lock It Down

By the way…check back for ensuing post from Thurmond. Hes coming up with a great one that will have good hippie insider info/reviews/sound clips from the STS9 4-day new years strange-tacular in Atlanta

A Few Things to Talk About

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Mind by Alex Grey

Mind by Alex Grey

This is a painting by Alex Grey, who does all of the artwork for the band Tool. He is a super cool, existential-ish artist. This is also the reason I haven’t posted in a while…because this is what I felt like after I saw Sound Tribe earlier this week in Atl. Ive been in many ridiculous conert/music scenes, but Atlanta during the four days of STS9…by far the most ridiculous.

The entire area of Atlanta surrounding the Tabernacle was OVERRUN with packs of wooks – if you are not familiar with this term, think 16-28 years old, ridiculous sunglasses, crazy hoodies, crazy awesome hair styles, colored hair (i mean purple, not like weak-ass dark brunette or something), and supremely excellent noodling and dance skills…generally super heady/crunchy hippie types. It was awesome and we (me, Deon, Levy, and Drew) thoroughly enjoyed fitting in. The regular people working at the hotels and walking around the streets had no idea what to do or think…clearly someone forgot to tell them: no normal or real people allowed in this area during the four days of Sound Tribe – WOOKS ONLY!! ALL OTHER NORMAL PEOPLE APPROACH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

The city was also nice enough to suspended all rules, laws, and regulations for the duration of STS9’s stay…or so it seemed. I saw lots of people in the concert with backpacks, people who were clearly not coming from the library. ARREE YOOUU SEERRIOUS??? I can only think of one reason why someone would need a backpack in a Sound Tribe show and its similar to the reason that Pablo Escobar needed an airplane. Oh, and the best has yet to come. After the show, across from the Tabernacle in a street corner parking lot, someone cracked open an industrial sized nitrous tank and was passing out whippets in balloons. WHAAAT THHEEE F****??? Apparently the loud noise of nitrous gas and 5 foot tall tank went unnoticed by anyone that would have cared…except there were also so many people taking balloons to the face in the middle of the street that it looked like a 6 year old’s Chucky Cheese birthday party gone wrong…absurd on all counts 

Anyways, the show was amazing and the Tabernacle is a crazy venue, I had never actually been there – its a real old school church with chandeliers, balconies, and whatnot…it was perfect for Sound Tribe.

Merry Xmas…heres some cool shit

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Check this out, I made it the other day. its pretty sweet, i think… Looking into how you can download it from here too, not just listen, so check back.

Daft Punk & Three 6 Mafia – Digital Love vs. Stay Fly (lewis brown mashUP)

Fuck Dipset, Diplo

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DiploHopefully, I do not even have to talk about this dude. Diplo(Wesley Pentz) is so fire right now. He is by far my favorite DJ out there right now. He’s remixes are so thick and heavy that you got to love them.  He has done mixtapes with two of my female artists, Santogold and M.I.A. I am pretty sure that M.I.A. is pregnant with baby diplo. That kid will have two of the chillest parents. Anyways check out his shit, he has a lot of stuff out there right now. Check out his myspace( he has a sick remix of Money in Da Bank by Lil Scrappy. Here are a few songs. One is a remix of Black Lips, the other is a remix of Feist ha, and the last is one of his originial tracks.

Diplo – Must Be a Devil

Black Lips – Veni Vidi Vici(Diplo Remix)

Feist – I Feel It All(Diplo Remix)