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filling up the sky with

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dudes from CO...look at that old school denver hat

Pretty Lights. Probably my favorite artist/producer right right now is Derek Smith of Pretty Lights. This recent surge is a result of his easter weekend show in Athens at Theta Chi. Pretty Lights is fairly new, but after selling out the Theater, I thought they were for sure too big to play at a frat house. Well…this guy came and brought the heat. First of all, i never noticed, but standing next to this guy, he is like 6’6″. And apparently he loves Athens, and i dont know how he couldn’t after this show.super packed

I was skeptical about it being at a frat house but the room at Theta Chi was PERFECT with this huge tony montana staircase at the back…plus tricked out with sick lights and huge, bumping speakers (courtesy of Music Matters), it was sick. If you havent heard any of this guys music, you need to check it out. You can buy the albums off iTunes or download FREE from their website Although they are free…you can make a donation if you want, because this guy is super sick. 

Theres something almost sexual about some of the sounds he makes…i know that sounds creepy, but its true. Electronic sounds and heavy hip-hop bass bass prevail. However, he includes loops and samples infused with serious funk, soul, stank, etc… the vocal samples range from recognizable rap to airy soul ad libs to tremolo opera vocal – it really is wild. check the pics…



everyone wants more...



who are those people?

recognize these people?

 im not including sound clips…my hosting site is jacking with me, and the albums are free so a homeless guy can get them at the library…just do it

Also, i came across rapper Mavrik ( from Milwaukee where life is “BIG coke deals”…wow. Derek Smith, of Pretty Lights, produces all of his beats. there is some stuff that Derek exclusively plays live and i can never find it anywhere, but there are traces of it in Mavrik’s beats…especially “Thats What They Sayin” – song is SOOO hood, go to his myspace and give it a listen. 


Cudi Needs to Get More Respect Down South

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Cleveland Is The Reason I'm Cool

Cleveland Is The Reason I'm Cool

I have already posted before about Kid Cudi. One of my favorite young rappers right now, and is definitely one of my favorite artist in general. A Trak is the producer of this catchy beat. It is used from a sample of Lady GaGa’s song “Poker Face”, which personal I am tired of chicks requesting this at our house during pregames. Kanye and Common hit the track with funny lyrics that go back to Kanye’s rhymes off of College Dropout. I can’t wait for Kid Cudi’s album that should come out at the end of the summer. It will be just in time to be played throughout many tailgates and parties when school starts back up. We need to give artists like Kid Cudi more respect. He is one of the new rappers that are leading a new generation of artists that are blending the genres together. Check this song “Poke Her Face”.

Kid Cudi – Poke Her Face(Produced by A Trak) featuring Kanye West and Common

You can download it for free right here:

My type of spring break scene…

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electronic, dub, drum duo...EOTO

          It was a pleasure for me not only to initially hear of for the first time, but also to see for the first time EOTO, while i was in Key West. I was told it was two guys from String Cheese Incident. I had heard of String Cheese, not heard too much, but knew that they were dank. And so, Michael Travis and Jason Hann, drummer and percussionist from String Cheese, make up the super dankness that is EOTO. They played at a cool place called the Green Parrot and totally wrecked the place. They do live drums combined with live computer, electronic, synthesizer based improv. eoto3A lot of it is dance, like some seriously funky groovin, and also a little dub, reggae feel someimes. Michael Travis loops tons of crazy shit and switches it all up live in addition to playing all kinds of synths and keys and shit, plus awesome live drums by Hann were awesome. It was a crazy show, everyone at this bar was going nuts and dancing all over the place…faces were abandoned. Pretty unique and super dank, it instantly made me a huge fan of EOTO

Check out these two gems and enjoy the crazy awesome groovage. I recommend their albums as well, which can be found anywhere or on iTunes or whatever

EOTO – Camel Bend

EOTO – Warp

     P.S. if you go to Vandy/live in Nashville and see this today, EOTO is playing tonight (3/16) at Windows on the Cumberland, an interesting bar on 2nd ave N. where the owner, Boots, bar-tends and works the soundboard

more posts to ensue; long haired freaky people need not apply…

cause its spring break

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alright just thought that was funny…dont really need to say much here. people like that will never see this site because all they do on their computers is watch pre-recorded videos of themselves working out…to pump themselves up, while they work out more. 

          On a cooler note, if anyone hasn’t seen/heard these ridiculous youtube videos, you HAVE TO. Right Side of the Tree Boys started out supposedly as a group of white dudes from UGA that rap about spring break, beer pong, and pregaming. Its hilarious and totally ridiculous. They also have a cover of lollipop which is serious, and therefore kinda awkward. But check ’em out…its a little fratty, but its funny and their rhymes are pretty good, look up pregaming too

RST Original Song – Spring Break Anthem (i know its a little late for some of you, still listen though, flows are sweet – also peep the Georgia hoody)

RST Original Song – Make an A (from “Make It Rain”)

RST Original Song – Beer Pong Anthem (from “King Kong” also check out their remix)


          A little comparable to Asher Roth, i guess…these guys now have been blowing up and have an album on iTunes called Nove Project,which is better than the youtube videos… less funny, better produced, little different style (acoustic/rap…sometimes slow), but its cool. Band members now are Payne Lindsey, Jeremy Jones and Matty P, I say give it a listen and a buy if you like it.

I think I’ve Lost my MIND

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STS9 New Years Eve

STS9 New Years Eve

This is why I love soundtribe…..

“Music, US” just sounds pretty and sts9 builds it up so well live.  They played this the first night at the Tabernacle over their four night run in Atlanta and I can truly say I was in awe.  The samples of the girl singing just sound sooooo good.  About six minutes into the song you’re going to forget what song your  listening to!  The samples get just plain out-of-control.  The way it was described to me was that “the girl” is hiccuping.  Don’t believe me… listen. The madness begins at around 6:30 into the song.

And of course…Instantly

Here is the soundboard of Somesing from the second night in Atlanta.  This song is really bad ass because it is super bass heavy and I swear if you listen to it on a good sound system you feel like its a new-age electronic orchestra.  It’s soooo sick.  I don’t even know how to describe this song in words!!!

The best word I’ve heard used to describe the bands style is FRICTION and I think it sums them up really well and  I’m really stoked the shows in March.



o and don’t forget, pretty lights on friday night

Coachella & Bonnaroo…

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I noticed this when I was reading Kanye’s blog the other day…the lineup for Coachella. Coachella is a super dank music festival in California, taking place in Indo (right outside Palm Springs). For everyone from the south east of the country…its like Bonnaroo in California, except it hasnt really been as badly commercialized and raped by MTV yet (in my opinion – although this year the Bonnaroo lineup is pretty dank, see it HERE – and um Al Green and Merle Haggard anyone…plus Santogold, which hopefully could mean Diplo). Check out the Coachella lineup though, its interesting:




     I would donate my left nut to science to go to this festival, because SO many awesome people are playing. Drive-by and Franz Ferdinand, Lupe, the Black Keys, People Under the Stairs (crazy), and Thievery Corporation are all nuts. Keep reading the fine print and it gets better: Ghostland, Clipse, Girl Talk, & Rhazel (the nuts-ass beat box guy). However, I think the craziest shit at this festival is gonna be all the turn-tablists, electronic artists, remixers and DJ collaborations. mstrkrft-neon1Crookers is a crazy good duo as is Crystal Method, they will have shit hittin hard for sure. Also N.A.S.A. (who we did a post about earlier) and one of my personal favorites MSTRKRFT will definitely be bumping and have people raging super hard. The last thing I wanted to mention was TRAV$DJ-AM. Everyone knows Travis Barker of Blink-182 fame, and hopefully has heard of popular DJ-AM (if your not really into this type of music he’s the one in the silver lambo that steals Turtle’s shoes on that episode of Entourage). These two have been doing a drum and DJ collaboration in various clubs and selling out shows all over L.A. Also, they made a bad ass mixtape called Fix Your Face, which you can download from them HERE

P.S. here is a dank new jam from N.A.S.A.

N.A.S.A. – Samba Soul (feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien & DJ Qbert)

Human After All

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my take on some immuzikation pics

my take on some Immuzikation pics

Alright, a while ago I made a post about local Athens, GA artist Immuzikation (Alfred Lapuz)…Friday before last, he did a performance at the Georgia Theater (a Daft Punk tribute, it was super dank – I’ll talk about that later) so I wanted to know what this guy was all about. He is quickly gaining a share in the mashup market, which is something everyone seems to enjoy right now. Seldomly mixing 1 or 2 songs, he blends melodies, lyrics, and beats of 4 – 5 songs seamlessly. Some of his shit is rare to find for download…so go to his myspace to listen to more songs but, first i think here is one of his most dank mashups:

MGMT vs. Daft Punk – One More Time to Pretend (Immuzikation Blend)

the following is one that I mixed real quick based on his song “Life Alone”…gives you the general feel:

Jay Z & Postal Service – Hard Knock Life vs. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (my mashUp mix)

Lapuz is also part of hip-hop group Collective Efforts. Check out their myspace ( their music is awesome . As part of the band, Lapuz helps construct funky electronic beats that the MC’s rap over. Its good shit…Jurassic 5-ish, but more electronic and a little more chill sounding.


Immuzikation getting the party started

Anyways, Lapuz and another guy named Very Disco, who I have really not been able to find anything about, preformed a Daft Punk tribute show at the Theater. I was more excited for this show than Rosie O’Donnel is for the annual lesbian parade. Immuzikation is cool, DJ shit is f-ing awesome and I knew the show was gonna be sweet, so I tried to convince people to go, especially people who were skeptical that a Daft Punk tribute would consist of “just pressing play”…WTF? Anways, Immuzikation came on solo around 10:30 for an opening DJ set, which was sweet. He improvised a lot of popular shit and did some of his own stuff, including opener “Life Alone” (from above).

After that he and Very Disco came out for the tribute, rocking white alien/robot looking suits and white headbands with big red jewels. The setup was huge…two DJ’s various equipment up front, racks and stacks of keyboards and synth stuff, drums, etc… Honestly, I forget the first song that came on, daft-tribute-poster6but I remember thinking, “I’m really glad they chose something not super mainstream” and, “holy shit, this is awesome.” I think it was like “Da Funk” or something tight like that. They played all 40 songs from all three of Daft punk’s studio albums (Homework, Discovery, Human After All), as Lapuz put it…”in some form or another.” They mixed of lots of the songs, added their own unique spin, sang lyrics, and played instruments – peep the video below of Immuzikation shredding the digital love synth solo HERE – at one point during “Robot Rock” there were 5  people on stage playing drums, synthesizers, guitar, DJing, and singing. After it was done, everyone looked like a 6 year old who just found out there was no Santa…speachless and utterly shocked, it was a crazy show and I think everyone enjoyed it. For anyone who visits, lives in, or is pretending to go to school in Athens, Immuzikation plays frequently at Mercury Lounge, 283 Bar, Go Bar…I dont even know what some those are but he’s gonna be there. Also…later in February (the dawning of the age of aquarius and glorious month of my birth) he’s doing a Cartoon Network “Adult Swim” late night dance party at the 40 Watt after a Dark Meat concert. I’m not even 100% sure what that means but it sounds like it could be super ridiculous.