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dudes from CO...look at that old school denver hat

Pretty Lights. Probably my favorite artist/producer right right now is Derek Smith of Pretty Lights. This recent surge is a result of his easter weekend show in Athens at Theta Chi. Pretty Lights is fairly new, but after selling out the Theater, I thought they were for sure too big to play at a frat house. Well…this guy came and brought the heat. First of all, i never noticed, but standing next to this guy, he is like 6’6″. And apparently he loves Athens, and i dont know how he couldn’t after this show.super packed

I was skeptical about it being at a frat house but the room at Theta Chi was PERFECT with this huge tony montana staircase at the back…plus tricked out with sick lights and huge, bumping speakers (courtesy of Music Matters), it was sick. If you havent heard any of this guys music, you need to check it out. You can buy the albums off iTunes or download FREE from their website Although they are free…you can make a donation if you want, because this guy is super sick. 

Theres something almost sexual about some of the sounds he makes…i know that sounds creepy, but its true. Electronic sounds and heavy hip-hop bass bass prevail. However, he includes loops and samples infused with serious funk, soul, stank, etc… the vocal samples range from recognizable rap to airy soul ad libs to tremolo opera vocal – it really is wild. check the pics…



everyone wants more...



who are those people?

recognize these people?

 im not including sound clips…my hosting site is jacking with me, and the albums are free so a homeless guy can get them at the library…just do it

Also, i came across rapper Mavrik ( from Milwaukee where life is “BIG coke deals”…wow. Derek Smith, of Pretty Lights, produces all of his beats. there is some stuff that Derek exclusively plays live and i can never find it anywhere, but there are traces of it in Mavrik’s beats…especially “Thats What They Sayin” – song is SOOO hood, go to his myspace and give it a listen.