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Cudi Needs to Get More Respect Down South

Posted in Uncategorized on April 6, 2009 by dgaines42
Cleveland Is The Reason I'm Cool

Cleveland Is The Reason I'm Cool

I have already posted before about Kid Cudi. One of my favorite young rappers right now, and is definitely one of my favorite artist in general. A Trak is the producer of this catchy beat. It is used from a sample of Lady GaGa’s song “Poker Face”, which personal I am tired of chicks requesting this at our house during pregames. Kanye and Common hit the track with funny lyrics that go back to Kanye’s rhymes off of College Dropout. I can’t wait for Kid Cudi’s album that should come out at the end of the summer. It will be just in time to be played throughout many tailgates and parties when school starts back up. We need to give artists like Kid Cudi more respect. He is one of the new rappers that are leading a new generation of artists that are blending the genres together. Check this song “Poke Her Face”.

Kid Cudi – Poke Her Face(Produced by A Trak) featuring Kanye West and Common

You can download it for free right here: