My type of spring break scene…


electronic, dub, drum duo...EOTO

          It was a pleasure for me not only to initially hear of for the first time, but also to see for the first time EOTO, while i was in Key West. I was told it was two guys from String Cheese Incident. I had heard of String Cheese, not heard too much, but knew that they were dank. And so, Michael Travis and Jason Hann, drummer and percussionist from String Cheese, make up the super dankness that is EOTO. They played at a cool place called the Green Parrot and totally wrecked the place. They do live drums combined with live computer, electronic, synthesizer based improv. eoto3A lot of it is dance, like some seriously funky groovin, and also a little dub, reggae feel someimes. Michael Travis loops tons of crazy shit and switches it all up live in addition to playing all kinds of synths and keys and shit, plus awesome live drums by Hann were awesome. It was a crazy show, everyone at this bar was going nuts and dancing all over the place…faces were abandoned. Pretty unique and super dank, it instantly made me a huge fan of EOTO

Check out these two gems and enjoy the crazy awesome groovage. I recommend their albums as well, which can be found anywhere or on iTunes or whatever

EOTO – Camel Bend

EOTO – Warp

     P.S. if you go to Vandy/live in Nashville and see this today, EOTO is playing tonight (3/16) at Windows on the Cumberland, an interesting bar on 2nd ave N. where the owner, Boots, bar-tends and works the soundboard

more posts to ensue; long haired freaky people need not apply…


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