cause its spring break



alright just thought that was funny…dont really need to say much here. people like that will never see this site because all they do on their computers is watch pre-recorded videos of themselves working out…to pump themselves up, while they work out more. 

          On a cooler note, if anyone hasn’t seen/heard these ridiculous youtube videos, you HAVE TO. Right Side of the Tree Boys started out supposedly as a group of white dudes from UGA that rap about spring break, beer pong, and pregaming. Its hilarious and totally ridiculous. They also have a cover of lollipop which is serious, and therefore kinda awkward. But check ’em out…its a little fratty, but its funny and their rhymes are pretty good, look up pregaming too

RST Original Song – Spring Break Anthem (i know its a little late for some of you, still listen though, flows are sweet – also peep the Georgia hoody)

RST Original Song – Make an A (from “Make It Rain”)

RST Original Song – Beer Pong Anthem (from “King Kong” also check out their remix)


          A little comparable to Asher Roth, i guess…these guys now have been blowing up and have an album on iTunes called Nove Project,which is better than the youtube videos… less funny, better produced, little different style (acoustic/rap…sometimes slow), but its cool. Band members now are Payne Lindsey, Jeremy Jones and Matty P, I say give it a listen and a buy if you like it.


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