I think I’ve Lost my MIND

STS9 New Years Eve

STS9 New Years Eve

This is why I love soundtribe…..

“Music, US” just sounds pretty and sts9 builds it up so well live.  They played this the first night at the Tabernacle over their four night run in Atlanta and I can truly say I was in awe.  The samples of the girl singing just sound sooooo good.  About six minutes into the song you’re going to forget what song your  listening to!  The samples get just plain out-of-control.  The way it was described to me was that “the girl” is hiccuping.  Don’t believe me… listen. The madness begins at around 6:30 into the song.

And of course…Instantly

Here is the soundboard of Somesing from the second night in Atlanta.  This song is really bad ass because it is super bass heavy and I swear if you listen to it on a good sound system you feel like its a new-age electronic orchestra.  It’s soooo sick.  I don’t even know how to describe this song in words!!!

The best word I’ve heard used to describe the bands style is FRICTION and I think it sums them up really well and  I’m really stoked the shows in March.



o and don’t forget, pretty lights on friday night


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