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Merry Xmas…heres some cool shit

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Check this out, I made it the other day. its pretty sweet, i think… Looking into how you can download it from here too, not just listen, so check back.

Daft Punk & Three 6 Mafia – Digital Love vs. Stay Fly (lewis brown mashUP)


Fuck Dipset, Diplo

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DiploHopefully, I do not even have to talk about this dude. Diplo(Wesley Pentz) is so fire right now. He is by far my favorite DJ out there right now. He’s remixes are so thick and heavy that you got to love them.  He has done mixtapes with two of my female artists, Santogold and M.I.A. I am pretty sure that M.I.A. is pregnant with baby diplo. That kid will have two of the chillest parents. Anyways check out his shit, he has a lot of stuff out there right now. Check out his myspace( he has a sick remix of Money in Da Bank by Lil Scrappy. Here are a few songs. One is a remix of Black Lips, the other is a remix of Feist ha, and the last is one of his originial tracks.

Diplo – Must Be a Devil

Black Lips – Veni Vidi Vici(Diplo Remix)

Feist – I Feel It All(Diplo Remix)

Rockin’ With Me, Embrace the Martian

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Round Table KnightsKid Cudi

If you have not heard of Kid Cudi, an upcoming hip hop artist from my hometown Cleveland, Oh, then you are missing out on another great young hip hop artist. This dude is featured on Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak, and he has a banging song called Day N Night. Anyways, he is really hot right now and he is leading the new wave of Midwest hip hop that incorporates more electronic, funk, and better produced beats. I have been banging him for a while and love his originial version of the song Embrace the Martian. Check out this remix by Round Table Knights. This group consists of DJ/Producer combination of Questionmark and Biru Bee. They are pretty eclectic in their style so I really dig them. Here is their remix to Embrace the Martian. Check out more of their stuff on their myspace( and also go out and download some of Kid Cudi’s mixtapes.

Kid Cudi – Embrace the Martian(Round Table Knights Remix)

I’m So High You Can’t Reach Me With A Fuckin Antenna

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For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, the annual Grammy Awards are coming up on Februray 8th 2009 and the nominations have been made. Would you like to know who has the most nominations? Yes, my favorite (and best alive) rapper Lil Wayne leads the pack with 8 nominations, including Album of the Year for Tha Carter III.

Mad props to Wayne for doing literally whatever the fuck he wants and also making Grammy worthy music. Wayne probably makes more music than anyone alive…he puts out absurd amounts of mixtapes (notables are the Dedication and Drought series) and remixes putting other rappers to shame on their own beats (check out the remix of David Banner’s “Stuntin” below) . He also has various side projects right now including: I Can’t Feel My Face with Juelz Santana, T-Wayne – a possible T-Pain collaboration album, Tha Carter III Rebirth – a rumored re-release of Tha Carter III with all new tracks, and lastly Tha Carter IV.

Following Wayne in Grammy nominations were several other talented artists including two of my favorites, Coldplay and Kanye West:

     Coldplay – 7 nominations, including Album of the Year (possibly for one of two different  albums…WTF? thats insane)

     Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Ne-Yo – each tied for 6; Ne-Yo surprised me, especially being  nominated for Album of the Year, because I thought he just made pop R & B MTV shit…but that shows you how much I know

     Robert Plant & Allison Kraus, John Mayer, Radiohead – 5 nominations each


Lil Wayne feat. Drake – Stuntin’ from the Dedication 3 mixtape

P.S. Drake is from Toronto…so I guess they have something besides Labatt Blue, that different kind of bacon, and being the brunt of South Park jokes

also, here is the link to download the song from zShare (free) – if you like this grab the mixtape…the whole thing is fire


Mark Your Calendars and Get Ready to Get Daft!

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OK, remember that DJ from Athens, Immuzikation? I did a post about him earlier and he continues to have some tight stuff floating around the web. He has an amazing show coming up pretty soon at the Georgia Theater in Athens:

On Friday January 16, for the measly price of $10, Immuzikation and Very Disco (i havent been able to find out much about him) are DJing a Daft Punk tribute show…yes there is a God. Guaranteed to draw an interesting crowd, so rock your headbands and sunglasses, and make sure you have a profuse amount of glow sticks because this is going to be a rage-tastic dancing event for sure

The Boss Gets Heartless

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If your reading this and haven’t heard Kanye’s album 808s and Heartbreak yet, thats about as cool as taking a bath with your dad. It came out Nov. 24 and its insane – its more singing than rap oriented with heavy use of autotune (the “t-pain effect”). Also, the drum beat for every song was generated with a Roland TR-808 (super old school electronic drum machine) which makes a lotta the songs really tribal sounding….basically its cool as fuck and you need to have it

Four days later Kanye released this official remix of “Heartless” featuring Rick Ross for free on his blog. In my opinion, “Heartless” is definitely one of the best songs on the album but i might exclusively listen to the remix now…Rick Ross brings it as usual and makes this remix the heat, which he typically does (i.e. him on the “Live Your Life” remix which was actually the first post ever on this site)

Kanye West feat. Rick Ross – Heartless (remix)

And, here is the link for the download that i pulled of Kanye’s blog which in and of itself is interesting and very “Kanye”…if you dont know what that means youll know the second you see it. He puts anything he feels like up there: sweet gear and clothes, music he likes, responses/feelings about anything, pictures of random cool shit like architecture and stuff, and pictures of hot models (which im sure is a clever tactic for him to slam lots of hot skinny white bitches)