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Connecting the North and South…Well not the U.S., but Americas

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l_6f6061d107da4e74b7bedc690aa8e907N.A.S.A. is the combination of two DJs, Squeak E. Clean(Sam Spiegal from the US) and DJ Zegon(Ze Gonzales from South America). These two dudes meet in the studio back in 2003 and immediatly meshed real well. Their love for all kinds of music allowed the two djs to form this group that blends all genres and backgrounds of music. You have to check out their myspace( and listen to their tracks. Pode Fumar RMX is sick. Oh man then check out their song MegaMix, these dudes are absurd for mixing David Byrne (Talking Heads), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Gift of Gab (Blackaliscious), Method Man( Wu Tang Clan), and that’s just some of the people on that song.

Here are two of the groups really legit songs. One is a remix of the legend Quincy Jones and his orchestra. The second is another great mix of hip hop and dance. This beat goes great with Method Man on the track.

N.A.S.A. – Soul Bossanova (N.A.S.A. Baile Mix)

N.A.S.A. – N.A.S.A. Music(LA Riots Mix)


Dance, Dance…Revolution

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Eric Prydz is a Sweedish DJ and producer. He started making music at a very young age and since then nothing has stood in his way (even a lack of equipment). Frequently, Prydz would break into his school, “borrow” their keyboards, and use them to make/record music. Kinda badass…but it ultimately got him put in Sweedish reform school. This however only increased his drive and soon he was producing tracks found in sets of the world’s most well known DJs (such as Pete Tong & DJ Falcon) and becoming one of the most sought after producers on the scene. 

Dubbed an electronica-house artist, Prydz’s sound is also laced with funk and 80s melodies. Whether you know it or not, everyone has heard of Eric Prydz – some just know him as “the ‘Call on Me’ guy.” Prydz really hit it big wen he decided to sample Steve Winwoods “Valerie” as the base for a new dance song. He initially gave the track to DJ Falcon, who frequently collabs with the likes of Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk). Falcon made it part of his set, and people went wild over it. “Call on Me” went ape shit on charts all over the world. Here are a couple of Prydz’s other big hits: “Proper Education” – an awesome remix of Pink Floyds “Another Brick in the Wall” and “Pjanoo” – an instrumental track that had huge success in the UK…these rock

Eric Prydz – Proper Education

Eric Prydz – Pjanoo


DJ Shadow Appreciation

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cover of entroducing...check it out

cover of entroducing...check it out

personally i feel like dj shadow doesn’t get enough love from the kids these days.  his album endtroducing… (came out in 1996) was pretty revolutionary for instrumental hip-hop.  got a 10 on pitchfork, can’t be bad right?  anyway here is one of the best songs from that album, midnight in a perfect world.  as the title suggests its a pretty chill song, but there’s a lot of great upbeat songs on endtroducing.  great range of stuff throughout, should be required listening for all hip-hop fans.  so have fun and check out the rest of the album.

DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World


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YesssirrrThere is some great hip hop coming out in 2009 including Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated third studio album, Big Boi’s solo album, and more Lil Wayne of course, however I am most excited about hearing Lupe Fiasco’s new shit. He is planning on releasing his third and final studio album called lupE.N.D. It is going to be a triple disco album with rumors of over 50 songs. The three discs are to be called “everywhere”, “nowhere”, and “down here”.

Lupe is ahead of most hip hop artists in creativity and style, so I am sure this album will contain production from the likes of Soundtrakk, Kanye West, Ian Brown, U.N.K.L.E., and oh yeah Justice because he is down for the French house band. This is an old Lupe song that is on neither of his first two studio albums, but his lyrical flow is so smooth, I think it will be great way to get excited for his new stuff.

Lupe Fiasco – Accept the Troubles